2008 Chopin Technologies AlveoLink NG Consitograph

2008 Chopin Technologies AlveoLink NG Consitograph

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1. Manufacturer: Chopin Technologies

Model: Alveo Consitograph

Year: 2008


Alveoconsitograph used for measure of dough tenacity, extensibility, elasticity and baking strength.

Tenacity (P), extensibility (L), elasticity (I.e.), baking strength (W). Standardized analysis (AACC 54-30, ICC121, NF EN-ISO 27971, GOST 51415-99) for commercial transactions.

For Storage Operators:

Secure the buying and selling of wheat and flour using an international reference.

Monitor wheat quality upon reception.

Select and classify wheats according to their future use.

Detect insect contaminated wheat.

For Millers:

Optimize the blends of wheat and flour.

Adapt the flour for its final use by accurately measuring out additives and improvers.

Control the different flour fractions.

Use on durum wheat (Triticum durum): semolina protocol (standard UNI 10453).

For Bakers:

Monitor the conformity of incoming flour.

Test new compositions.

Control additives.


ManufacturerChopin Technologies
ModelAlveoLink NG Consitograph
Stock Number00006