2018 Elcometer 1720

2018 Elcometer 1720

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Abrasion and Washability Tester

K1720M302 Elcometer 1720 | Abrasion & Washability Tester (110-240V)

The Elcometer 1720 Tester 2 station, robust, reliable and extremely flexible machine. The machine enables testing to be carried out on a wide range of materials including; paint, lacquers, inks, coatings, leather, wood, plastics, printed material, fabrics, etc.

250μm (10mil) metal strip for ASTM D2486 Standard, sample drip tray, 1xglass sheet, 1xspecimen holding frame, 3xmain lead (UK, EUR and US), operating instructions, liquid dosing bottle, liquid delivery pipe, 2xliquid drain pipes, Set of 3 tools for instrument set-up.

The machine is a 2 station built in (with ability for 4 stations), in excellent condition, no scratches, zero (0) hours of use, new.

the machine is already packed in a wooden box, as shown in the photos