2022 Water Genesis K

2022 Water Genesis K

€1,300 (EUR)

Munich, Germany

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Auto Washer and Sterilizer

perfect for offices and at home.

Box Size (inch) L 10.2’ x W 9.4’ x H 31.9’

Weight Net wt. 8.2kg

Voltage 24V Ampere 5 ~ 7A

R. Volt. 120V/240V (50-60Hz)

Color Beige

Production of sterilized water using DSE electrodes

- Real-time electrolysis electrode use of high-efficiency non-channel

and no-separation membrane

- Durable & unseparated partition electrode modularization design

● Water and air pulse wave generation technology

- Generate 30 pulse waves per sec. by mixed inflow of water and air

- Increased cleaning and washing power by whirl water spray

- Minimize blind spots with multi-directional(180 degree) spray nozzle

Production of highly sterilizing hypochlorous acid

- Through real-time water electrolysis, high concentration

hypochlorous acid production from chlorine ions contained in water

- Hypochlorous acid has about 80 times more sterilizing power than

Clorox, so it can sterilize bacteria within seconds.

● Sequential application of washing/sterilizing and


- Total 10 seconds operating(sterilizing for 8 sec. and rinse for 2 sec.)

- Completely remove residues during the last rinsing phase for safe use

- After sterilization, the washing water is returned to the original water

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