2017 Victoria Arduino Volumetric Adonis Plus (MADONISPLS02) Two-Group

2017 Victoria Arduino Volumetric Adonis Plus (MADONISPLS02) Two-Group

€7,100 (EUR)

Ghent, Belgium

orCall +49 (0)89 44354985


The Two-Group Volumetric Adonis Plus (MADONISPLS02) from Victoria Arduino seamlessly blends technology and passion into a single, simply gorgeous, espresso machine. This luxurious, elegant espresso machine was specifically designed for the high-end and boutique espresso market, and, with that in mind, Victoria Arduino have gone to tremendous lengths to ensure that the Adonis not only meets, but exceeds every extravagant expectation you could place upon it. From its advanced copper boiler and heat retention system that produces unparalleled temperature stability to its modern yet timeless sculpting, the Adonis has all the features and beauty to make even the most refined espresso aficionado drool with anticipation.


Partial and total shot counters

LCD display

Programmable on/off controls

Two traditional manual steam wands

Low energy LED lights to illuminate the work area

14 liter boiler capacity

Total Runs? - Sometimes this is tracked. 50.000 , it has been in use for three years around 100 cups a day, the last two and a half years only like 10cups a day.


ManufacturerVictoria Arduino
ModelVolumetric Adonis Plus (MADONISPLS02) Two-Group