1999 Collischan filling line used by Pharmaceutical company

No longer available

1999 Collischan filling line used by Pharmaceutical company

Konstanz, Germany


The filling line is running well, only small repairs (e.g. settings) still need to be made.

The entire system (filling needles, hoses, dripping station as well as capping station) must be converted for the use of REGENA consumables.

The facility has no major defects.

Control cabinet is located on the machine (This is operated at 420V).

Less effort for cleaning work, because peristaltic pump.

Cap lock can be changed so that different caps can be processed on bottles.

No dripping, as there is a suck-back effect.

Large sorting pot for lids (= less effort for refilling).

Repairable Cons:

Small adjustments are necessary such as: Spring on the dripper station tails must be loosened, overload clutch must be checked, belt on the discharge belt must be renewed, adjustment of the star wheel, renew the clutch, renew the shaft holder (for prevention) and so on. 

Stored on a total of 11 pallets. 


Bottle sizemax. 60Fl./min (3600Fl./h)
min. Operating pressure4.5 bar (normal setting is 6 bar)
Format4 formats 20, 50, 100, 250 ml