2001 gelomat small Ice cream factory plant

2001 gelomat small Ice cream factory plant

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100L supply tank (with heating jacket)

Heating to 80°C

Agitator included

product pump

homogenizer 300-400l/hour


The cooking unit is interesting for large ice cream parlors/productions. At the moment the plant produces 45l of batch, (approx. 10 hours per day).

1a. Sequence of cooking process with cleaning


- According to the specifications of the development protocol F11, the recipe and the grammage, the ingredients are put together.

- Mix liquid ingredients together. Add vegetable fat and glucose syrup separately at min. 30°C. Turn on the agitator (speed 6-8) and the heating on the control cabinet.

- At 50°C, all dry ingredients can be mixed in. Finally, add the binders.

- 45l per boiling (approx. 10 boilings per day).

- At 78°C, turn off the heating and turn off the agitator. Open the lid and the discharge tap. Vent the product line.

- Position the bypass tap on the Homo in the horizontal position.

- Open the ice water supply and return lines and also the cooling water for the homogenizer.

- Now the mixer pump and the homogenizer can be started. Set the homogenizer to 180 bar.

- The mix is now cooled to 5-8°C and placed in a disinfected bucket.

- After approx. 2-3 minutes, the mix arrives at the bucket. The bucket is covered with a plastic bag and labeled.

- When the feed bucket is empty, turn off the homo, the product pump and the ice water.

- For highly viscous products, an intermediate cleaning should be carried out in any case.

- The mix is temporarily stored in the cold room (6°C) or deep-frozen at -18°C.

- Before using the mix, a sample is taken for the laboratory and tested for ingredients.


1b. Cleaning of the cooking plant

- Dose water into the feed tank (100l).

- Adjust to 1.0% caustic concentration with 1l sodium hydroxide solution.

- Turn on the agitator and the heater. Then heat the lye to 78°C and clean for 30 minutes. Clean the container lid manually.

- Acidify the system weekly with nitric acid ( 70°C). Concentration 1% = 1l of nitric acid. Acidify for 30 minutes.

- Open the manual flap valves and start the homogenizer and the product pump. Circulate the lye for 60 min.

- Afterwards, rinse the plant with water.

- Carry out and document a cleaning check.

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