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About UCY Machines 

Buy and sell your used machinery and industrial assets with us. 

What We Do 

UCY Machines liquidates and sells assets for a multitude of industries. Leveraging years of field experience paired with a highly digitized approach, we systematically track, analyze and convert industrial equipment activity into win-win transactions for both buyers and sellers. Exporting to an international buyer base is key these days, thus UCY uses the best advertising methods and works in the most digitised way in order to reach the best buyer for your machines. 

We evaluate all the machines based on current market prices and do our best to provide quick sales to fair prices. 

The assets we sell include: 

1. Food and Beverage Equipment 

2. Pharmaceutical Equipment 

3. Chemistry Equipment 

4. Test/Laboratory Equipment 

5. Medical Equipment 

6. SMT Equipment 

UCY Machines is your best choice for buying and selling machinery and equipment.

Welcome to UCY Machines. Our immense inventory of used industrial machinery is continuously updated with the latest and best machines coming up for sale in the market. We sell from factory to factory, meaning that the vast majority of second-hand machinery listed on our website can be inspected in running condition. This way, our customers can see where these machines come from, how good they really are, and assess their state of maintenance. 

We trade machinery; this means that we do not usually store them, but rather that the machines are kept at the sellers´ factories up until they are bought. This simultaneously reduces logistics-related costs and maintains the value of the machines by keeping them in production.


We also focussed on helping those factories that need to keep producing by providing them with the great quality used machinery they need, and at the same time bringing potential buyers to companies needing to sell their used equipment. 

UCY Machines can offer you all the required services that are necessary to successfully complete the entire process of buying and selling equipment. 

One-stop solution, all services included 

Professional machinery evaluations 

Logistics solutions 

Engineering solutions 

Financing solutions 

Machinery appraisals: quotes and market information on machinery prices and values Assessment on manufacturing needs 

Improving your used machines will add years to your second hand machines life and improve their performance, resulting in better final product and productivity and less maintenance costs. It will reduce processing time and date back future replacements, making operations easier and immediately start saving money for you. 

Free up some of your valuable factory space and make some cash at the same time. We will take care of all promotions, visits, and legal documents. You will get paid before the machine leaves your factory. No risks involved, no hassle for you, and free advertising! 


A reliable partner is crucial when you are selling used machinery. UCY Machines has been selling used machinery for 5 years with an outstanding reputation in making transactions smooth and safe. Here are five reasons why you should sell your used machinery with us: 

Personalized support 

Our experienced professional team will lead you throughout the whole process of buying and selling used machinery. In our catalogue, you will be able to see in detail the technical specifications of any product and find out their prices or carry out any consultation regarding the machine you’re interested in by filling in our contact form. 

Data-driven business model 

Through intelligent data analytics and automated business processes, we give you insight into your potential buyers, providing efficiency to the world of machine trading. 

On-site consultation 

We offer an all-inclusive service. This means we will assist you on-site and take care of the entire process; machinery promotion, inspections, travel documents and visas for visits, negotiations with buyers and sellers; and once everything is organized we purchase the machine(s) and take care of all added services. 

Asset restructuring 

We see ourselves as asset specialists, and in addition to the international marketing of assets, advise on spin-offs, distressed M&A, asset modernisation, disinvestments and other asset restructuring matters. 

Global network 

With our extensive global network, your used machinery listing is exposed to an international audience thanks to our worldwide marketing efforts and international presence.

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