In the dynamic world of industrial machinery, the arrival of a colossal and technologically advanced piece of equipment is always a momentous occasion. We are thrilled to announce that a Deckel DMG Maho 360, weighing 32 tons and towering at 3.4 meters tall, is soon to be delivered to our esteemed client in Finland. This blog post takes a closer look at the impressive features of this machinery powerhouse and highlights our commitment to bridging the gap between supply and demand in the global industrial machinery industry.

Uncompromising Quality and Versatility:

The Deckel DMG Maho 360 is renowned for its impeccable quality, versatility, and cutting-edge control technology. As a machining center, it combines power and precision to deliver exceptional performance across a wide range of applications. From milling to drilling and threading, this mammoth of machinery ensures uncompromising results, meeting the diverse needs of industries that demand excellence.

With its robust construction and advanced features, the Deckel DMG Maho 360 is designed to handle demanding tasks with ease. Its sizeable dimensions of 3.5 meters wide and 3.4 meters tall provide ample working space, accommodating larger workpieces and enabling complex machining operations. This machine is a testament to engineering excellence and is poised to revolutionize our client's manufacturing capabilities.

Global Reach and Sustainable Solutions:

At UCY Machines, we pride ourselves on our global reach and commitment to creating sustainable solutions in the industrial machinery industry. Our ability to buy and sell equipment worldwide allows us to ensure that no machine remains idle when it has the potential to contribute to the productivity of a business somewhere in the world. By connecting supply with demand, we foster a more efficient and sustainable global industry.

Our dedication to bridging the gap between supply and demand extends to the realm of used industrial machinery. We believe that these machines still have much to offer and can find new life in the hands of businesses seeking cost-effective yet reliable solutions. Through our network and expertise, we help facilitate the acquisition of quality used machinery, providing businesses with access to high-performance equipment that suits their needs and budgets.

The Journey Toward Productivity:

As the Deckel DMG Maho 360 embarks on its journey to Finland, excitement and anticipation fill the air. This formidable machine represents not only a significant investment for our client but also a gateway to enhanced productivity and efficiency. With its unparalleled capabilities, our client can take on complex projects, expand their manufacturing capabilities, and meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.

The acquisition of such a powerful machine is not only a boon for our client but also a testament to their commitment to staying at the forefront of their field. By harnessing the potential of advanced machinery like the Deckel DMG Maho 360, our client solidifies their position as an industry leader, capable of delivering superior results and maintaining a competitive edge.


The impending arrival of the Deckel DMG Maho 360 to our trusted client in Finland marks a significant milestone in their pursuit of excellence in manufacturing. This mammoth of machinery brings with it uncompromising quality, versatility, and advanced control technology, empowering our client to push boundaries and achieve remarkable results. Through our global reach and commitment to sustainability, we continue to bridge the gap between supply and demand, ensuring that machines like the Deckel DMG Maho 360 find new homes where they can contribute to the productivity and success of businesses worldwide.