Year: 2011
Used 2011 Biomass Plant Linka Energy A/S (Danstoker)

2011 Linka Energy A/S (Danstoker) Biomass Plant

Small Biomass power plant 1 MWt -125 kwe The biomass plant was built in 2011 and has only about ...
Used Triogen ORC turbine of 160 kW electrical and about 700 kW thermal

Triogen ORC turbine of 160 kW electrical and about 700 kW thermal

used very little (max 4000 hours) and are in excellent condition. ORC turbine of 160 kW electric...
Year: 1991
Used 1991 Heim

1991 Heim DO 800 kVA

Transformer 800 kVA the Find more here - Contact us at - sales@ucy...
Year: 2013
Used Example

2013 Siemens 1,250 kVA

a) 3-phase dry-type transformer for indoor use, manufacturer: Siemens AG (Trafo-Union) 3) Electr...
Used YADO KWK EG-404


YADO|KWK EG-404 Combined heat and power unit with container Find more here - https://www.ucymac...
Used Example

Jenbacher Works 4T6S

Engine: Jenbacher Works 4T6S Generator: 725kW Diesel powered We installed the unit in a 20-foo...
Year: 2015
Used Example

2015 Clayton EG-26-1

2015 Clayton EG-26-1 Steam generator PS: 10 bar Cap: 407 kg/h Volume: 50L PT: 50.0 Barg TS: ...
Used Lambion-Howden-Scheuch-Hamworthy Power Plant

Lambion Power Plant

Power plant (Lambion-Howden-Scheuch-Hamworthy) History - Commissioning: 2009 - Power plant b...
Year: 1981
Used Example

1981 GE Frame 6B gas turbine

2x GE Frame 6B gas turbines Commissioned in 1981 - Operated as a CCGT plant (fuel: gas) until 2...
Year: 2008
Used Example

2008 Loher-Siemens Dynavert 2T2A-05400-002

Designation Inverter Manufacturer Loher-Siemens Typ Dynavert 2T2A-05400-002 Construction ye...
Year: 2011
Used Example

2011 MVM TCG 2016 V16 C

This is a TCG2016V16 with 800 kW. With accessories, control pump and cooler. Year of construction...
Used Example

Nitrogen plant in 20 feet container ready for operation

Immediately available. 20 feet container Capacity from 5.2m3(10ppm O2) to 47.8m3(3% O2) Incl. com...