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Siemens 3x Steam turbines

3x complete turbine sets / Steam turbines + transformer (Tsun 6641) Model G300-2 V5 The equipme...
Year: 2012
Used 2012 Steam turbine SST-060

2012 Steam turbine SST-060

Steam turbine for sale. The turbine was built in 2012, is in good condition and is no longer in ...
Year: 1970
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1970 VEB EKM Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine 1 and major components Plant part Manufacturer Year of construction techn. data t...
Year: 2003
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2003 Siemens ST3 V50A

a Siemens Steam Turbine ST3 V50A from 2003. It is only the turbine without main frame, pumps , Ge...