Year: 1970
Used Example

1970 VEB EKM Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine 1 and major components Plant part Manufacturer Year of construction techn. data t...
Used Example

Siemens 3x Steam turbines

3x complete turbine sets / Steam turbines + transformer (Tsun 6641) Model G300-2 V5 The equipme...
Year: 2003
Used Example

2003 Siemens ST3 V50A

a Siemens Steam Turbine ST3 V50A from 2003. It is only the turbine without main frame, pumps , Ge...
Year: 2012
Used 2012 Steam turbine SST-060

2012 Steam turbine SST-060

Steam turbine for sale. The turbine was built in 2012, is in good condition and is no longer in ...
Used mobile grate boiler for wood chips

Triogen ORC turbine of 160 kW electrical and about 700 kW thermal

used very little (max 4000 hours) and are in excellent condition. ORC turbine of 160 kW electric...