Used Example

Combined heat and power plant

Combined heat and power plant Can be purchased as whole or pieces. Flue gas turbine (type GT35P...
Used Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz OM 402 generator 150kVA

Generator Mercedes Benz 136 Mercedes Benz 8 cyl. diesel engine with Markon power generator 150kV...
Year: 1995
Used Combined heat and power plant power 3265 KVA

1995 AVK DIDBN 150/145 K/6

Combined heat and power plants Weight 52 tons, power 3265 KVA. Full load approx. 700 m³ gas /h...
Year: 1999
Used Example

1999 Max Weishaupt Industrial heating plant

Industrial heating plant Additional information: the entire system (building, boiler, oil tank, ...