2011 Biomass Plant Linka Energy A/S (Danstoker)

2011 Biomass Plant Linka Energy A/S (Danstoker)

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Parma, Italy


Small Biomass power plant 1 MWt -125 kwe

The biomass plant was built in 2011 and has only about 20.000 working hours and is composed by 2 main components:

-1MW Biomass Hot water boiler at 8/10 bar 160 C, Make By Linka Energy A/S ( Danstoker).

It is a step grate system boiler working with straw bales or woodchip /bark.

This boiler has 2 feeding systems: one for whole straw bales and one for woodchip or bark(steel mooving Floor container of 60m3)

- Organic Rankine Cycle ORC turbine name Clean Cycle make G.E. / Calnetix power Solutions.

This is a 125 kw turbine produce 125 kwe/h Electricity from hot water or steam. Now this electicity is sell to local grid as renewable energy.

Also produces 800 kwt/h water from 20 to 40 C. This heat Can be used for huose district heating, drying materials, perfect for greenhouses.

This plant include all components as heat excangers, pumps, cooling tower, Electrical cabinets, cables, motors, screw, conveyors, technical documents etc.

Plant is in working conditions and grid connected.

ORC generator data :

Input :

-working temp: from 80 to 160 deg. Celsius 

-Hot pressurized water or Steam 

-Power thermal input from 300 kwt to 1050 kwt


-Up to 125 kwe power + 800 kwt of water from 40 to 20 deg. Celsius

Machine Can easly modulate load from 25% to 100%.

Machine piping material Is Iron and cast Iron. Heat excangers are in copper.

Please note that 2 of this heat excangers are installed in the Skid : one as evaporator, one as condenser in cooling tower side.


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