Paint stripping basin with agitator 675 liters

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Paint stripping basin with agitator 675 liters

Munich, Germany


Paint stripping tank - Heavy industrial quality - New! With agitator Made in Germany!

Paint stripping basin with agitator

Stainless steel V2A


► Exclusive only with our basins - standard equipment:

Adjustable software:

- programmable weekly planning / time switching with day and hour

- Programmable agitator setting

- With upgrade for suction device

- Infinitely adjustable power of the heating elements (highest safety)

- working dimensions (L/W/H): 1200 x 700 x 700 mm

- external dimensions (L/W/H): 1700 x 845 x 855 mm

- High quality German electronics

- Adjustable feet

- Filling capacity 675 liters

- Control cabinet with many adjustment possibilities for wall mounting

- Weight 250 kilogram

- 2 years factory warranty

- CE - Certified

- 2 high quality radiators with stainless steel heat transfer fins

- 3 high quality hinges

- Industrial pull damper for easy opening and closing of the lid

- Plugged acid resistant gaskets

- Lid with locking system

- Baffle plate at the rear of the lid for draining condensing chemistry back into the basin

- Industrial heating elements, power: 2 x 4 kW

- Output via ball valve

- Digital control with temperature limiter

- Control box with FI protection

- Digital display temperature and time display 0 - 110 deg.

► Includes solid stainless steel basket for very high filling weights with newly developed slot system. Prevents the sinking of dissolved paint residues.

Incl. stainless steel chain set

Our paint stripping basins are designed for industrial / daily use.

In the construction and processing of the basins, we place great emphasis on ergonomics, efficiency, quality, durability and occupational safety.

The basins are delivered in a sturdy wooden box pallet for easy unloading - and to exclude transport damage.


ManufacturerPaint stripping basin with agitator
Model675 liters