2013 Mechatronic S40

No longer available

2013 Mechatronic S40

Munich, Germany


Semi-automatic SMD stencil printer with camera system

The machine is year 2013. It is in very good condition, except one of the two cameras need to be replaced.

it comes with the frame (540x470mm), LCD Monitor, 2 cameras (just one working, can be replaced if required), magnetic pcb holders and the base cabinet.

Technical data

Frame size

max. 550 x 470 mm

quick clamping frame - 4 sides

other frames in any size can also be used

printed circuit board

max. 400 x 375mm

printing area

max. 380 x 360 mm

Vision system

2 integrated CCD cameras / 17" LCD monitor


Print parameters adjustable via control panel

Programming of all other relevant print parameters via USB interface

Squeegee feed

drive electric

electronically controlled squeegee speed 5 - 150mm/s

all relevant print parameters freely programmable via USB interface

Squeegee system

automatically switchable double squeegee head

universal holders for metal or rubber squeegees

adjustable squeegee tilt angle 0 - 60

adjustable squeegee pressure 0 - 200N


one or two-sided

table lowering

automatic Z=10 mm

adjustable lowering speed 0,2 - 4 mm/s

adjustable table pressure 0 - 450N

table - X, Y / theta adjustment

+/- 12 mm / +/- 2,7

height adjustment (Z-axis)

0 - 24 mm

Table - adjustment accuracy

+/- 0,01 mm

Power supply

220V AC / 300W / compressed air 8 bar

Dimensions and weights

860 x 650 x 380 mm / ca.86 kg

Range of application

small and medium series

screen or stencil printing of SMD adhesive, solder paste, heat conductive paste, conductive adhesive or other media on any substrates

suitable for fine pitch components

minimum pad pitch 0,3mm

Find more here - https://www.ucymachines.com/