2019 Reko Modell 350HD + ZS 350

2019 Reko Modell 350HD + ZS 350

€19,450 (EUR)

Munich, Germany


Screw press with heavy material separator




Model 350HD + ZS 350

Year of manufacture:


Operating hours:


Heavy material separator according to drawing to be provided. 

Essentially consisting of: 

Strong, shaftless conveying spiral with rectangular blade profile. In 

in a u-shaped trough, supported by a wear lining. Cover provided with quick-acting closures. The sedimentation box is conically tapered and mounted on the spiral conveyor. The sedimentation box is provided with a lid as well as an inlet and an outlet. 

Trough, cover, inlet and outlet openings, mounting claws, supporting structure are made of material 1.4404. Spiral, flange, gear shaft are made of material St 52.3. The sedimentation box is equipped with a splash guard. in standard design with gear motors are supplied factory painted. 

In the lower front part there is a drain socket R 2". 

The heavy material separator is equipped with wheels for traversability. 

Design data 

Conveying medium: Impurity: Max. Edge length: Density: Throughput capacity: Separation size: Other features: PH: 

Waste paper processing 

Coarse material 

300 mm 

1.4 kg/dcm 6 m3/h in batch operation 80% > 0.2 mm 

Technical data 

Gear motor pulling 

Type of drive: Angle of inclination: Connection: 

25 0 


Trough/ Separator 

Material: Material thickness: 

1.4404 3 mm 

Trough cover: Seal: Monitoring Hold-down for spiral 


Neoprene contact switch IP 68 

2 pieces 


Container volume: Length: Width: Height: Discharge height: 

approx. 4.2 m3 approx. 5,600 mm approx. 2,040 mm approx. 3,100 mm approx. 2,410 mm 

Inlet: Outlet: Emergency drain: Inspection openings Cover Monitoring 

open Discharge chute to press 

Blank cap R 2" 2 pieces screwed to the side 

Hinge 2-parts Contact switch IP 68 

Supporting structure: Material: 

Sectional steel 



according to Production drawing 

350 mm 

350 mm St 52-3 (1.0577) 

Length: Diameter: Pitch: Material: Flange Material: 

Drive shaft Material: Coupling: Design: 

St 52-3 (1.0577) 

St 52-3 (1.0577) 

as Clampex coupling according to enclosed data sheet Fa. SEW 

Wear shells 

Material: Dimension: 

Creusabro 4800 1000 x 5 mm formed 


Manufacturer: Type: Design Power: Speed: Motor: 

Protection class: 


FHZ77 DRN132S4/TF/OL parallel shaft gear unit 


3.0 kW 

19.0 1/min 230/400 V, 3 ph, 50 Hz 

IP 67 

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ModelModell 350HD + ZS 350