2002 Reis SRV130C

No longer available

2002 Reis SRV130C

Dresden, Germany


Reis SRV130C Welding robot good condition.

The robot is immediately free and ready for operation.

Inspection is possible at any time. Test welding by arrangement.

Contact to technician for commissioning and support for robot is available.


Technical data:

Type: Reis SRV130C / strong version for spot welding gun / with four rotating stations

Year of manufacture: 2002

Softwareversion V2.

operating hours: 42.400h

incl. CMT welding unit currently set for aluminum welding

Space requirement of the cell at present approx. 6000mm x 6000mm + approx. 1500mm for turning stations. Dimensions can be reduced by limiting the axes + reducing the number of turning stations.

Transpuls Synergenic 4000 CMT R

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