complete factory for sale

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complete factory for sale

Mannheim, Germany


A complete factory for sale. See list of items below. Taking offers!

Hall crane ABUS, 15.000 kg, with crane car ABUS, BJ ca.2000, drives only 1/2 hall length

Hall crane BJ 1950, 4.000 kg, with crane car, moves on full hall length

boring mill COLLET BFF 85, manufacturer Collet&Engelhardt, BJ 1958, in need of repair (1 axis defective) with control RS 2E

hacksaw MADA, model HA 250, BJ 1988

tool cabinet, shelf approx. 2 running meters

hall slewing crane with chain hoist 1.000 kg, older

Universal milling machine russ. Model CP 82, BJ 1973

milling machine, manufacturer WFW, model FU 400, type EDU 18D, BJ 1989

tool cabinet blue, work table approx. 3 mtr

rolling/assembly table

hydraulic guillotine shear Czech manufacturer, type CMTA 3150/ 10A, BJ 89 (working width 3 mtr up to 10mm sheet metal) with roller conveyor feeding approx. 6 mtr - hydraulics leaking, cutting width reduced 2 mtr

press brake 2 mtr, Polish make, type KM 4/07, BJ 1989

manual roller o. designation, width throughput 2000 mm, older

tool cabinet blue

welding machine WT, TIG-MAG 420 DW with wire feeder, older

straightening plate self-made approx. 1 x 1,30 m

Manipulator older without designation

machine table, converted as straightening table

magnetic drilling machine TERRAX XT 930, BJ 2019

welding machine CASTOLINE, TRANSMODUL 500, with wire feeder MSG 1, BJ ca. 1990

3 x tool cabinet

metal workbench approx. 2,5 mtr with vice

workbench approx. 2,5 mtr with vice

2 x tool cabinet

welding/straightening table self-made

pipe bending device ZOFF, BPR RS-302, older

welding/straightening table self-made approx. 5 x 1,5 mtr

welding/straightening table self-made approx. 1 x 1,5 mtr

welding machine FRONIUS VarioSynergyc 4000 with wire feeder VR 3300

Bottle trolley older with welding set

Position lifting equipment/ slinging equipment

Welding machine FRONIUS VarioSynergyc 4000

Tool cabinet

Position various hand and electric tools (angle grinder, reciprocating saw, hammer drill, cordless screwdriver, chain hoists, stick winches, etc.)

welding machine FRONIUS TranspulseSynergyc 5000 with wire feeder VR 4000

3 x tool cabinet

Welding table

Riveting press, self-made, year approx. 1950

Strapping dispenser metal strap

Strapping band dispenser Ks-Band with sealing pliers

Straightening table with vice

Light table

Tool cabinet

Chip trolley rollable

pillar drilling machine russ. make, model 2835, BJ 1989

welding machine FRONIUS TranspulsSynergyc 5000 with wire feeder VR 4000

welding/straightening table approx. 2x3 m

lifting magnet TPM 1.0, 1t

Double grinding stand older

bench drilling machine on frame, manuf. Heckert, older

metal workbench approx. 2,5 mtr with 2 x vice

metal circular saw TRENNJÄGER VC 320 with roller conveyor, BJ ca. 1990

Welding table small with vice

Turning device / manipulator self-made

Welding machine FRONIUS TranspulsSynergyc 5000 with wire feeder VR 4000

cut-off machine with roller conveyor 3m defective

double cantilever racks for bar material ca 8 lfm

Bottle trolley older with welding set

lathe conventional DLZ 800, center distance approx. 6500 mm, older

column radial boring mill RABOMA, type DW 15, manufacturer SAG, BJ older

punching machine sectional steel shear WMW, type SCFDLA 13/1, BJ 1989

pillar boring machine UK 20, BJ 1972 

boring mill WMW BR 56, BJ approx. 1985

conventional lathe, STANKO, model 1M63, center distance approx. 2600 mm, year 1978

hall slewing crane with chain hoist 500 kg, older

mechan. Screw press older

impact shear BJ 1976, max. 1 mm mat. thickness

4 x tool cabinet

conventional lathe, STANKO, model 1M63, center width approx. 2600 mm, year 1990

Chip trolley on wheels

hall slewing crane with chain hoist 500 kg, older

lathe conventional DLZ 530, year 1957

Lathe polish make conventional WAFUM TUD, center width approx. 1500mm, year approx. 1970

double grinder GREIF older

straightening table small

lifting truck 1t

hall slewing crane ABUS with chain hoist 1000 kg

CNC lathe WEILER, type E 70, year approx. 2002, with chip conveyor

Welding machine FRONIUS Synergic EC 509 T4 with wire feeder VR 5000

welding machine MMS, MM 161

hall slewing crane with chain hoist 500 kg

Lifting magnet older, 0,5t

flame cutting machine Messser Griessheim STATOSEC, BJ 1973, in need of repair

band saw HITACHI, Rotary Band SAW CB 18 NA, BJ ca. 1990

welding and straightening table approx. 2,5 x 1,5 m with vice

welding fume extraction KEMPER type 64100, BJ 2000

2 x tool cabinet

Hand blasting cabin type DI 12, BJ 1980

3 x tool cabinet

workbench approx. 8 mtr with vice

mounting plate self-made approx. 2x2 mtr

metal circular saw RIGID 590

pillar drilling machine older

welding machine FRONIUS VARIOSTAR 247, BJ ca. 1990 

welding machine FRONIUS TRANSTIG 2000 

3 x tool cabinet

Workbench with vice

3 x tool cabinet

Bottle trolley older with welding set

Bottle trolley older with welding set

straightening table approx. 1x1,5 m

workbench approx. 10 mtr with 3 x vice

Workbench approx. 2,5 mtr with vice

16 shelves storage rack galvanized

forklift diesel, manufacturer Balkancar HERKU, type 760, 3t with 2tlg. reach, BJ ca. 1994

forklift diesel, manufacturer LINDE, type H35 D-01 H2X393C00650, BJ 2012, reach mast, 2 x fork extension 2 mtr, 7.039 Bh

Compressor KAESER SN 11, BJ 1983, compressed air tank KAESER ca. 500 ltr

airless sprayer WIEMER, XTREME X 70 180CC

various racks self-made for spraying hall

plate trolley older

hand pallet truck

transport plate roller

Beater shears older

2 x desk, 2 x office swivel chair, 2 x shelf, cabinet for hanging files, office cabinet, older

2x PC EXXON, monitor HannsG HL 198, monitor LOC 24", printer BROTHER DCP-9022CDW

Welding machine FRONIUS TRANSTIG 2000 

Welding machine FRONIUS TRANSPOCKET 180, BJ 2021

Hand pallet truck PROMAT 2,5t

Tank system with pump and nozzle (2 tanks SCHÜTZ: 1000 ltr and 700 ltr) 

1 deep sea container P4101, modified as storage container, BJ 1995

material container 2 x 3 m galvanized

blasting equipment: turntable, pump, tank, older model

15 EURO pallets exchangeable

transport trolley for long material self-made

3 x office cabinet 6 OH, office cabinet 3 OH, steel cabinet 6 OH, cabinet for hanging files, desk, meeting table, office swivel chair, 4 x swivel chair 

PC EXXON, 2 x monitor SAMSUNG 24", 2 x office cabinet 6 OH 

2 x office cabinet 6 OH, sideboard 3 pce. 3 OH, desk, conference table, office swivel chair

printer BROTHER HL-L5100 DN, document shredder LMG

Angle desk, side table, office swivel chair, swivel chair, 2 x office chair 6 OH, sideboard 5pcs. 3 OH

PC DELL, 2 x Monitor DELL 24"

Desk with extension table, visitor's table, 2 x swivel chair, office swivel chair, 2 office cabinets 6 OH, sideboard 4pcs. 3 OH

PC EXXON, 2 x monitor SAMSUNG 24", steel cabinet 

steel cabinet, 2 x sideboard, 4 x office swivel chair

cutting plotter HP- Designjet T 520, shredder IDEAL 2200A 

desk combination 3pcs, office swivel chair, 3 x swivel chair, wall unit approx. 3,5 rm, table old, sheet metal cabinet

Refrigerator with freezer compartment older

fax machine BROTHERFAX MFC-3220C, PC Exxon, monitor Samsung 24".

PC table rollable, 2 x storage table, office swivel chair

Server PC DELL Poweredge T320, 2 x PC, monitor LOC 24", monitor Samsung 24", various software BJ 2014

Time recording system with 7 touch screen monitors SHUTTLE, 1 x card scanner TS-RW 38

Telephone system AGFEO AS43, BJ 2014

Equipment apartment: couch set, dining table, 4 chairs, tube TV, kitchen furniture 5 rm, refrigerator, freezer cabinet, 4-plate stove; microwave, electric kettle 

17 x table,ca. 30 x chair, old

21 x double locker old, 4 x bench

Welding machine FRONIUS TRANSPOCKET 1500

Welding machine FRONIUS TRANSTIG 1750 pulse

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