Rohde & Schwarz FSP

Rohde & Schwarz FSP

€4,890 (EUR)

Berlin, Germany

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Rohde and Schwarz FSP 9KHz-3GHz Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer please read on

The device works perfectly. The self-calibration now always runs through without complaints. Sometimes after standing for a long time, the 30dB Attenuator had a little problems. One had to switch then two three times manually up and down, then everything is usually good and remains also in such a way, as long as the equipment does not stand around again for weeks unused. Figure 7 and 8 shows the result of the self-test before and after. Otherwise everything is : pass. Lid has some scratches picture 10 . One rear foot is missing because the screw connection in the case is also missing Figure 12.

Rubber mat and rear feet are new in the meantime . NO MORE DEFECTS OCCURRED 


ManufacturerRohde & Schwarz