Used Agilent E 5071 B

Agilent E 5071 B

Agilent E 5071B Network Analyzer 300Khz-8.5Ghz 50 Ohm The device works fine and is in good condi...
Used Tektronix RSA

Agilent MXA N9020A

Agilent MXA N9020A Spectrum Analyzer 20Hz-3.6GHz Verified The unit is in near mint condition ( 2...
Used Tektronix RSA

Tektronix RSA

Tektronix RSA 3303B DC-3Ghz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer The unit is tip top, looks like new and ...
Used Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz ZND

Rohde & Schwarz ZND Network Analyzer 100Khz-4.5GHz 50 Ohm The device is almost as good as new an...