Year: 2020
Used 2020 Ralf Brinkman

2020 Ralf Brinkman

Crane with slewing unit and articulated arm 1st arm 2000mm 2nd arm 1650mm Wall mounting and lifti...
Year: 1995
Used Beljer Zembrod ASX I

1995 Baljer Zembrod ASX I

Grading crane Operating hours are 208102h according to the meter reading. Sorting crane Track,...
Year: 2001
Used 2001 Abus LPK

2001 Abus LPK

Gantry crane Abus LPK lifting capacity 2.000 kg Year of manufacture 2001 Little used, location...
Used Example

Kühnezug 50t Crane

The use of the crane has already ended; it lies dismantled in a hall We had been using the crane...
Year: 2020
Used 2020 Vetter Krantechnik Elif Lina 1

2020 Vetter Krantechnik Elif Lina 1

Column Mounted Slewing Crane "Elif Lina 1". This crane is a special design and was manufactured ...