PAM pharmaceutical AF-90T Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

PAM pharmaceutical AF-90T Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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PAM Automatic Capsule Filling Machine AF-90T

The AF-90T is a high capacity fully automatic capsule filling machine that can fill a large variety of

powder formulation into hard gelatin capsules. The machine is formulation friendly and it uses a

tamping process to form a slug which is inserted into the empty capsule.

 Conforms to cGMP guidelines;

 High filling accuracy due to precise slug dosing principle;

 Better yield due to high filling accuracy and less powder wastage;

 Partial filling capability (up to 25 mg) for any size of capsule from # 000 to 5;

 Fills powder/pellets/tablets/micro-tablets/capsule in capsule;

 Easy and quick capsule size and product changeover;

 Easy to operate touch screen;

 Machine control from main panel;

 Auto shut off for any malfunction with audio-visual message display;

 Filled capsule sorting.


Up to 90 000 capsules / hour for powder filling

Up to 80 000 capsules / hour for pellet filling

Up to 50 000 capsules / for tablet filling (single tablet)

Electric supply

415V, 3 Phase +N +E, 50 Hz, A.C.

Main motor

1.5 kW (2HP) at 1440 rpm

Vacuum required (Capsule separation)

1100 L / min at 26° of mercury

Vacuum required (Cleaning)

2800 L / min at 4° of mercury

Compressed air

300 L / min at 6 kg/cm 2

Connected load (For machine only)

2.0 kW (3HP) approximately

Connected load (For machine with

vacuum pump, air compressor and


8.0 kW (11HP) approximately

Dimensions (L x W x H)

1650mm x 1290mm x 2050mm

Gross weight

2350 kg

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ManufacturerPAM pharmaceutical
ModelAF-90T Automatic Capsule Filling Machine