1974 FRYMA

1974 FRYMA

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Producer FRYMA Reinfelden

Year of production In 1974.

Condition of autoclave Used but in well workable

Capacity 50 liter

Type of production: For cosmetics, foods and medicine goods. Parts and mechanical elements was made from stainless steel

Adjustable depth or high 500 mm The vessel is moving up or down the lid is on a fixed position

Tilt function Yes With hydraulic system wizh manually operated (like the trucks cabin lifting)

Homogenisator Yes

Industry segments Cosmetics, foods and medical industrial segments


It is an used but well workable equipment which is proper to production of cosmetics, food and medicine products. The temperature of mixing bulk controlable with thermostat. Equipment has heating and cooling function too. It can be vacuumed on demand furthermore mixing speed function can adjustable low and high level.

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