2014 Bautz AeroFid 60

2014 Bautz AeroFid 60

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Aerosol Leak Detector. 

AeroFid®.60, Automatic leak tester

for filled aerosol cans

Capacity 80 cans per minute

Detection sensitivity < 2x103 mbar/ sec.

Leak rate in accordance with

currently valid guidelines and


Measuring method Heated FID

Measuring sample Automatic extraction, max. 4 lpm @

Operating temperature

Calibration manual

Designation Error box automatic air ejection with

counter control

Operation PLC with touch screen

Can spacing typically 100mm

Data acquisition counter for good and reject products.

Built-in printer for data output.

Power supply 3 PNE, 400V, 50Hz, 1500W

Fuel gas Hydrogen 5.0

Calibration gas Typically 50ppm propane in air

Zero gas Nitrogen 5.0

Fuel gas consumption approx. 60 ml/min of 100% H2 @

1.5 bar (22psig)

Ambient temperature 5-43°C

Dimensions of

Sensor Module (W x D x H)

19" (483 mm) x 460 mm x 132 mm

Overall dimensions

(W x D x H)

900 mm x 900 mm x 1900 mm

See video here - https://www.ucymachines.com/


ModelAeroFid 60
Operating hours14.500