1998 Bagema catamaran Suction excavator

1998 Bagema catamaran Suction excavator

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Vienna, Austria


Suction excavator in catamaran design with telescopic airlift system and jet water device

Technical data:

Make Bagema

Year of construction 1998

Type of suction dredger in catamaran design with telescopic airlift system and jet water device

Power supply electric, 1.250 kVA

Primary: 3x10 kV 50 Hz, Secondary: 3x380 V + N

Nominal pumping capacity mixture

(booster pump) 1,380 m³/h (depending on material, delivery head and delivery length)

Solids handling capacity ~ 180 m³/h (depending on material)

Booster pump Bagema 30-30 FGH, soft starter

Nominal delivery length 250 m

Nominal diameter delivery line 300 mm

Nominal diameter airlift telescope

350 mm

Airlift aeration Atlas Copco ZR 4-52

Two-stage, oil-free, water-cooled screw compressor

screw compressor

max. operating pressure 8 bar

compressed air tank 3.000 l

Air line 4" with hose reel winch

total length Rd. 50 m

Total width 7,5 m

Minimum suction depth Approx. 40 m (current configuration)

Maximum suction depth Approx. 70 m (current configuration)

Processing on deck Double deck vibrating screener

2 decks: 40/40 mm + 2/2 mm

Washing plant Fresh water spraying approx. 4.6 bar and 3,350 l/min

Renewed 2012 (NiRo)

High pressure washing plant (for

silty, sticky material)

Cutter spraying on the upper deck,

100 bar, 2 x 105 l/min

suction side with fully automatic backwash filter

Retrofitted 2012 (NiRo)

Date: 10.02.2022 Page 3 of 4

Fresh water supply Suction point on the side with rotary union and large filter basket at a depth of approx. 2 m (protection against floating debris)

Basket cleaning by rotatable suspension

Retrofitted 2012 (NiRo)

Main material transport Pump sump with attached

dredge (booster) pump

Coarse material discharge cross conveyor belt; hinged

Production measurement radiometric density measurement

magnetic inductive flow measurement

positioning 4 mooring winches, each 3 t

ice freeing air curtain system with long runner rotary vane compressor

airlift compressor 250 kW

Booster pump 160 kW

Jet water pumps 2 x 100 kW

Screening machine 2 x 18,5 kW

Fresh water supply 37 kW

High pressure washing system 2 x 22,5 kW

Maintenance and renewal measures (CV):

Airlift system and telescopic suction tube:

Renewal of the air control flap (2016).

Extensive refurbishment (2015): renewal of wear rings, manufacture and use of a

quickly replaceable wear piece, overhaul of suction head and jet water pump carrier incl. new corrosion protection, overhaul of jet water pumps, renewal of hoist winch rope

Renewal and retrofitting of rope deflection pulleys of the suction pipe winch (2012)

Retrofit foldable maintenance walkway for the suction head (2011/2012).

Vibrating screen machine:

Converted to biodegradable oil (2013).

Screen decks replaced (2016 + 2020)

Water supply/washing system:

Retrofit intake section incl. filter basket, new feed pump, new pre-filtration and replacement of all piping in stainless steel design (2012)

Retrofit of high-pressure washing system (2012): installation of fully automatic backwash fine filters to protect the high-pressure pumps, installation of two high-pressure pump units incl. feed and control system, stainless piping to the screening machine, installation of additional spray bars with 2 x 10 cutter nozzles; high-pressure can be switched on in dredging operation if required (clayey material to be conveyed)

Booster pump:

Complete overhaul (2009): new bearing cover, bearing clearances adjusted, new seals, oil exchange bearings, adaptation of wear walls, impeller clearance adjusted, acquisition of various spare parts (impeller, wear plates, etc.)

Replacement of booster pump gearbox in stock (2011)

Complete overhaul (2015): bearing clearances adjusted, new seals, oil replacement bearings,

Adaptation of wear walls, impeller clearance adjusted, stuffing box and shaft sleeve renewed.

Booster pump gearbox overhaul (2016): seals new, gearbox oil new, roller bearings new

Cross discharge belt/conveyor belt:

overhauled and partly renewed (2016)

Air curtain system:

Renewal of all piping in aluminum (2014).

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