2013 Hugart DS 5000 L3 (soup production line)

2013 Hugart DS 5000 L3 (soup production line)

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used soup production line

a line for the production of sterilized soups. The line is ready for


in CPET bowls, has a real capacity of 4,000 pcs / h and provides the product

shelf life 6 - 9 months and even longer at room temperature (without


The line was produced in 2013/2014.

Our production line includes:

- 2 tanks with agitators, 5,000 l each

- tubular flow pasteurizer Ruland with a capacity of 2 m3 / h

              pasteurizer requirements: steam 8 bar 500 m3 / h

                                                              water 3-4

bars 6 m3 / h

compressed air 7 bar

                                                              glycol 35%

temp. 2 degrees C 11 m3 / h

- packaging machine Hugart DS 5000 L3 capacity up to 2 m3 / h,

     currently the machine is adapted to packing liquid / semi-liquid

products in bowls

     CPET with a diameter of 15 cm - practical capacity about 3 500 cups

/ h,

     the product may contain solid particles of max. 8x8x8 mm,

     the cups are closed in the process of welding with a multi-layer

high-barrier foil,

     before filling the cup and before welding, the foil is sterilized

with an inflatable perhydrol.

Find more here - https://www.ucymachines.com/


ModelDS 5000 L3