ZPrinter ProJet 650

ZPrinter ProJet 650

€13,500 (EUR)

Frankfurt, Germany

orCall +49 (0)89 44354985


ZPRINTER 650 Industrial 3D Printer

Documentation, work instructions and basic material are enclosed.

The device originated (and still stands) in a manufacturing medium-sized company.

Unfortunately, in 2019 they stopped working with the device due to a restructuring.

Functionality cannot be guaranteed.

However, with a little effort and technical know-how, the device can be re-enabled.

Alternatively, the unit can be used as a spare parts donor.

It is not damaged externally, but shows signs of use.

Regular maintenance until 2017.

New price approx. 70.000€

TECHNICAL DATA: Z-Printer 650 3D Printer

Size: 254 x 381 x 203 mm

Color: 390,000 colors (5 print heads,including black)

Resolution: 600 x 540 dpi

Minimum detail size: 0.1 mm

Automation: Complete (automated setup and self-monitoring, automated powder loading, automated powder recycling and removal, snap-in binder cartridges, intuitive control panel)

Vertical build speed: 28mm/hour

Material options: High-performance composite

Layer thickness: 0.089-0.102mm

Number of jets: 1520

DETAILS: Z-Printer 650 3D Printer

File formats for printing: STL, VRML, PLY,3DS, ZPR

dimensions of the device: 188 x 74 x 145 cm

Weight of the device: 340 kg

Power requirements: 100-240 V, 1.5-7.5 A

Find more here - https://www.ucymachines.com/


ModelProJet 650