SMALL DAIRY production line 2.000 l milk/h

SMALL DAIRY production line 2.000 l milk/h

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SMALL DAIRY 2.000 l milk/h:filling milk,cheese, yogurt,sour cream, butter

DAIRY - Equipment for filling milk and produce cheese,joghurt,sour

cream and butter

We offer a complete dairy for the production of pasteurized milk , sweet and

sour cream, yoghurt, cottage cheese , semi-hard and hard cheese and butter .

The possibility of processing 2,000 L of milk / h and 10,000 L of milk in a cycle of

8 hours .

Milk is packed in pure pack packaging of 0,5 and 1,0 L.

Yogurt , sweet and sour cream is packaged in a pure pack of 250 gr .

For yoghurt production is required 6 h and 1.100 L per cycle , and the same for

the sour cream with an additional 12 hours for maturation in a warm chamber .

Fresh cheese is packed in bags of 0.5 kg - 10 kg . In the cycle of 24 hours can be

produce 450 kg of cottage cheese .

Butter packing 1-10 kg .

Specification of equipment : year of production of the 1998. to 2012.

UNIT for cold water - volume 5,000 L

CIP central washing milk pipes, capacity 3x300 L

DUPLICATOR - volume 600 L + 2x350 L


Butter churns from sour cream

Three-piece sink, stainless steel, dim. 2,8x0,9x0,9 m

MILK RECEIVING UNIT- pump, filter, timer

Receiving milk reservoir, volume 6,000 L

Pasteurization of milk, capacity 2,000 l / h

Pasteurizer works on hot water not electricity, which is a big savings

MILK Separator SEITAL, capacity 2000 L / h

Duplicator for sweet cream, volume 350 L

HOMOGENISER of milk, capacity 2,000 l / h

TUB for cheese souse, capacity 1,000 L

CHEESE TUB, volume 2,000 L

TANKS for pasteurized milk, volume 2,000 3,000 + L



Fermentation chamber, capacity of 2.5 m3

SCALE Libela

Scales, electronic with coding of products Bizerba

Cooling chamber, dim. 10x2x2,5 m

Vacuum packaging machine Vacumit

TABLE for work, stainless steel

TABLE for salting and draining soft cheese

TUB for souse of semi-hard and hard cheese

Milk cooling tank, capacity 2,000 L

Packaging machine for plastic containers

Packaging machines with plastic foil, Replay-55

Air curtains, Emmeti

Portable compressor, capacity 100 L

MOBILE pump for milk

Heating plant for production, capacity 1.000 L, 32.5 kW

Heating plant for production, capacity 1.000 L, 25 kW


3 years ago all the components are generally repaired, consumer

items like pumps, electromotor, complete electronics and the paster tires

replaced by new.

1. Ice water producer from Hungary, now operates 2,500 L ice water (one

reservoir), and there is another reservoir of the same volume that it could be put

into operation by purchasing 2 heat exchangers and 4 pumps (Cooling

compressor exists and he has been repaired) At this location there was no need

for all 5,000 L of ice water, because the altitude is 700 meters, and good air


Two new engines for cooling DORIN are completely renovated and new heat

exchangers, as well as all the seals.

2.Pasteurizer – manufacturer from Hungary, (140 plates) capacity of 2,000 l / h

-all the seal between the plates are new, new pumps and electronics

3.Separator brand SEITAL, generally arranged

4.Homogenizer- manufacturer from Hungary, all the seals replaced

5.Cooling chamber, panels of 10 cm, the size of 2 to 10 m, a new cooling

Engine brand DORIN with associated electrical control panel

6.Heating unit, FERROLI furnace on oil or gas (both burners are brand new

RIELO, equivalent housing, so that they can be changed in 10 seconds - one


7.Boiler for hot water and hot water tank brand ELBA brand new and one more

tank of 1.000 L-manufacturer from Croatia.

Required hall of min 200 m2 with the icy water to be outside the building.

Required installed capacity of 65 kW.

The equipment is complete and as such it is sold.

It can be seen mounted, but now it is disconnected.

Nothing has been removed from the equipment and sold until now

Equipment is is correct, and it worked 1.5 years.

Dairy has stopped working 2 years ago.

Service and installation of equipment were performed by manufacturers of

equipment from Hungary.

For the installation of equipment at the customer should only team that knows to

weld stainless steel.

Ice water can mount every frigo electrician and hot water experts for

heating (a boiler expert)).

Additional explanation:

The dairy is disabled and does not work now.

It is complete and is sold in the kit: ice water plant, CIP, duplicator,

disintegrator, butter device , milk receiving plant, pasteurizer, separator,

homogenizer, sweet cream duplicator, cheese , scales, refrigeration chambers,

lacto-freezers, work desks, vacuum cleaners, cabinets, packing devices, air

curtains.. filling line Ghaldi, vaccuum unit, thermo welding machine and lots of

equipment !!

This is equipment that can be used to produce a complete program, which means

yogurt, sweet and sour cream, cottage cheese and packaging consume

pasteurized milk. Milk is packaged in Pure-Pack packaging half-liter and one-liter,

yogurt and sour cream and cream in Pure-Pack of 250 grams. Cottage cheese in

bags of 0.5 kg to 10 kg. It also produces and butter is packed by 1 kg but to

order up to 10 kg of butter. Besides the fresh cheese can be produced semi-hard

cheese and hard cheeses for which there is a table for draining whey and

machine for curing cheese.

The possibility of processing 2,000 liters of milk per hour (it depends on the

capacity Pasteur, homogenizer and separator, and they all have the capacity).

Siren when the volume is 2,000 liters so that in the 24-hour cycle produces 450

kg of fresh cheese

For yoghurt it takes 6 hours to 1,100 liters per cycle in existing equipment, as

well as for the sour cream with only adding a further 12 hours for ripening in a

warm chamber.

Possibility of equipment is processing 10,000 liters of milk in one operation than

8 hours.

Sells as-is and the buyer assumes the obligation of dismantling

and transport.

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ManufacturerSMALL DAIRY production line
Model2.000 l milk/h