2018 Kongsberg X44

€89,200 (EUR)

Zagreb, Croatia

orCall +49 (0)89 44354985


Esko machine "Kongsberg X44" model, installed in 2018. Flatbed Digital Cutting Tables

Below is the table with a list of tools/options that are included in the offer as well as the technical specs of the cutter.

The machine is in perfect condition, it was serviced regularly and the belt was replaced. It comes with tools for cardboard cutting (oscillating knife), crease cutting and fabric cutting (rotating knife). The machine itself accepts a lot of other tools for a variety of applications. The camera for automatic registration marks recognition is installed. 


The package includes the following items:

Kongsberg X44 for sign production (2210 x 3200 mm)

i-cut Production Console Sign Production

7.5 kW Pump - Power supply 3x380V

FlexiHead toolhead package - X

Recycled Corrugated Kit - X FlexiHead/MultiCUT

60mm crease tool for FlexiHead and MultiCUT(-HP)

MP-HF V2 knife tool - X

RotaCut Tool for textile materials - X


Kongsberg sound insulating box V2

Conveyor feed option for X44 (Factory installed)

Roll feeder for X and C44

Technical Specifications

Work area, all tools 2210 x 3200mm

87 x 126 In.

Max. material size 2270 x 3575mm

89 x 140 In.

Max. material width

with conveyor system 2210mm

87 In.

Overall dimensions

with front panel 3330 x 4100mm

131 x 161 In.

Overall dimensions

with RWS(1)(2) 4140 x 3850mm

165 x 151 In.

Weight 815 kg

1800 lbs

Position accuracy(3) ±300 μm


Repeatability ±60 μm


Maximum speed 50 m/min – 33 IPS

Maximum acceleration(4) 5.4 m/s2 - 0.54 G

Vertical tool force Standard tool stations: 220 N. PowerHead crease station: 500 N

No. of vacuum

sections 4

Standard traverse

clearance(5) 50 mm – 2" or 95 mm – 3 ¾", depending on Application Kit and model size

Optional traverse

clearance(5) High clearance 95 mm – 3 ¾", available for models with 50 mm – 2" clearance as standard

Operator safety Included is the DynaGuard Safety System, which protects the operator and bystanders from potential machine hazards. The movable parts of the machine (traverse, carriage) are surrounded by a set of photocell sensors that, if activated, will immediately stop the machine and wait for the operator to resume operation.

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