2013 Sandvik DT821

No longer available

2013 Sandvik DT821

Lyon, France


Drill rig Sandvik DT821

The drill rig (Sandvik DT821 SC, 2-arm drill rig with loading cage, year of manufacture 2013) is functional and ready for use - but there are still repair works open due to div. damages.

The drill hammers (2 pieces built up, 1 piece replacement) have been overhauled by the manufacturer.

There are also still a lot of spare parts available.


Operating hours:

- Motor: approx. 3.400

- hammer 1: approx. 3.230

- Hammer 2: approx. 3.300

- Compressor: approx. 4.880


The drill rig is currently in a warehouse. 

Sandvik DT821-SC is a two boom electro hydraulic

jumbo for fast and accurate drilling in tunneling and

cavern excavation. The hydraulic controlled drilling

system with added automatic functions and optional

instrumentation enable productive and high quality

excavation. Sandvik RD525 rock drills deliver superior

performance with high consumable life.

Sandvik SB90 universal booms have a large optimum

shaped coverage and full automatic parallelism. In

addition to face drilling the unit can also be used for

cross-cutting and bolt hole drilling. An optional utility

boom for bolting and utility works is available.

The powerful 4-wheel-drive center articulated

carrier ensures rapid and safe tramming with good

balance. Noise and vibration insulated cabin provides

ergonomic and extremely comfortable working place

with excellent visibility during tramming and drilling.


Hydraulic rock drill Sandvik RD525

Drill feed Sandvik TF500-16’

Boom Sandvik SB90

Control system Sandvik TPC 561

Coverage area 14,210 x 8,420 mm (110 m2)

Hole length Up to 6,180 mm

Turning width (T-section) 4,730 mm (with TF500-14’)

Tramming / drilling width 3,000 mm / 3,000 mm

Transport width 2,500 mm

Transport height 3,600 mm (*3,190 mm)

Transport length 14,930 mm (with TF500-16’)

Total weight 27,000 kg (without utility boom)

depending on options

Total weight 29,400 kg (with utility boom)

Find more here - https://www.ucymachines.com/