2015 Bernardo RD 1300 Vario

2015 Bernardo RD 1300 Vario

€10,500 (EUR)

Leipzig, Germany

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RD 1300 Vario Bernardo Radial Drilling Machine

The compact RD 1300 Vario radial drilling machine is ideal for drilling, countersinking and reaming work on large workpieces (such as steel beams, flanges....). The versatility of this machine makes it ideal for mechanical workshops, repair stores, mechanical engineering, among others.

Drilling capacity max.

40 mm

Thread cutting max.


Throat min./max.

295 - 1300 mm

Vertical movement of the boom

610 mm

Travel of drilling head (horizontal)

1005 mm

Quill stroke

275 mm

Spindle mount

MK 4

Spindle speed, 2 steps

54 - 340 / 340 - 2150 rpm

Feed range

(4) 0.10 - 0.63 mm/rev.

Distance spindle / cube table

130 - 740 mm

distance spindle / base plate

485 - 1195 mm

Clamping area base plate

1320 x 850 mm

Cube table (L x W x H)

635 x 455 x 455 mm

Motor power

2,2 kW

Machine dimensions (W x D x H)

2100 x 900 x 2600 mm

Weight approx.

2650 kg

boom arm with mechanical clamping and drill head with manual clamping

Switching and operating elements clearly arranged at the front of the machine

Torsion-resistant and ground steel column for vibration-free working

Large-dimensioned quill ensures highest possible stability

Change of direction of rotation or engagement/disengagement of the spindle is effected by means of a pilot switch on the underside of the drill head

Standard with stepless speed control, the set speed is shown on a digital

speed is read off on a digital display

High spindle concentricity due to precision bearings

Height adjustment of the boom arm by means of lifting motor

Hardened and ground gears, running in an oil bath

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ModelRD 1300 Vario